Complex dynamics in the peeling of an adhesive tape

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Fracture is a very complicated phenomenon and its dynamics is not well described up to now by a consistent physical and/or mathematical model. In this paper we synthetically present the main experimental and theoretical results for the peeling of an adhesive tape, i.e. a viscoelastic dissipative system, viewed as a two-dimensional fracture propagation. From recent peeling experiments, using a common adhesive tape, the emergence of hierarchical structures in a broad range of time scales was observed in a definite region of the stick–slip regime, and this is one the indicators commonlyused speaking of complex systems.

Ciccotti M., Giorgini B., Vallet D. and Barquins M., 2004. Complex dynamics in the peeling of an adhesive tape. Int. J. Adhes. Adhes.. 24/2, pp. 143-151.


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