Crack opening profile in DCDC specimen

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The opening profile of the cracks produced in the Double Cleavage Drilled Compression (DCDC) specimens for brittle materials is investigated. The study is achieved by combining Finite element simulations of a DCDC linear elastic medium with experimental measurements by crack opening interferometry on pure silica glass samples. We show that the shape of the crack can be described by a simple expression as a function of the geometrical parameters of the sample and the external loading conditions. This result can be used to measure accurately in real time relevant quantities during DCDC experiments, such as the crack length or the stress intensity factor applied to the specimen.

Pallares G., Ponson L., Grimaldi A., George M., Prevot G. and Ciccotti M., 2009. Crack opening profile in DCDC specimen. Int. J. Fracture. 156, 11–20.

DOI : 10.1007/s10704-009-9341-8

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