Organization of the EFONGA Workshop : "Glass surfaces and stress corrosion mechanisms at the nanoscale", Montpellier, 22-25 February 2009.

The EFONGA-project, which aims to built up a network of experts in the field of glass, is going to its last year. To boost the outcoming results for our community Wolfram Hölland and Ruud Beerkens had organized a workshop of experts in springtime (held in Brig/Switzerland) this year to discuss and create a roadmap for the subjects : Innovative Glass Melting Technology with two subgroups A. Advances in Materials : Glasses, Glass-ceramics, Ceramics B. Innovation in glass melting technology : Revolution or Evolution of Melting Technology The meeting was really successful, so the EFONGA-board proposed to organize additional workshops in a similar manner.

Therefore Matteo Ciccotti, chair of TC09 (Glass Nanomechanics) and Volker Rupertus, chair of TC19 (Glass Surface Diagnostics) are organizing the present workshop on "Glass surfaces and stress corrosion mechanisms at the nanoscale" which will be hend in Montpellier, France on 22-25 February 2009.

These activities are financed in the frame of the EFONGA project and it will bring together 20 international experts in the glass community in order to present a talk focused on own expertise and to support a roadmap process for surface related phenomena for glass/glassceramics. The results will be later on published.

The workshop is extended on three days/nights. The travel and stay expenses will be completely financed by the EFONGA project (a maximum of 1000 euros is available for overseas transportation).

The first two days will be devoted to presentations and wide discussions, the third day will be reserved for discussion and roadmapping (possibly in a core group). The talks should be of about 30 minutes including 10 minutes on the open questions and future achievements expected on the expert’s area in next years. Large discussion should follow each day.

More details can be found on the web page at the following link.

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