EFONGA Workshop

Glass surfaces and stress corrosion mechanisms at the nanoscale


Posted Papers and Documents for Stimulation

Matteo Ciccotti. Stress-corrosion mechanisms in silicate glasses. Invited review article submitted to Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics in december 2008.
The present review is intended to revisit the advances and debates in the comprehension of the mechanisms of subcritical crack propagation in silicate glasses after almost a century of its initial developments. Since several of the protagonists of this history are between you, there is no better occasion to drive the most interesing comments... Matteo

Carlo Pantano. Surface Chemistry Effects in Strength - Do You Agree ?
It is just the intro to a paper I wrote years ago trying to define the various roles of “surface chemistry” in strength… I would like to solicit/provoke comments about the validity of these statements, whether important effects are missing, and better ways to define the effects… Carlo

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The EFONGA-project, which aims to built up a network of experts in the field of glass, is going to its last year. To boost the outcoming results (...) 

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Preliminary Program

The meeting point will be in the main lobby of the Hotel Mercure on Sunday 22th starting at 18h for for a welcome. Monday 23th and Tuesday 24th (...) 

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